Although I strongly support the ideas of the Libertarian party with respect to minimizing the involvement of government in business and personal matters, I also believe that it is the responsibility of government to protect the rights and freedoms of its people. As a teenager, I remember logging into the Ozarks Regional Information Online Network (ORION) with a dial-up modem and telnet client to learn my first programming language and explore a new world of ideas and information. Since then, the internet has grown in unbelievable ways and the world is better because of it. I believe that Net Neutrality is essential to preserving the freedom that the internet provides to any person of any race, age, color or sex. By removing Net Neutrality, ISP’s are able to legally throttle, censor and monetize the information you access according to what is most profitable. I believe in a world where one is free to learn and explore the wealth of information and resources available on the internet without the interference of profit driven gatekeepers.

For more information, please feel free to check out and participate if you can. In the meantime, enjoy Burger King’s video explanation of the topic and remember the stance your elected officials took next time you vote.