Section9 is an computer club based out of Springfield Missouri. We are actively involved in a variety of projects related to AI, microcontroller programming, circuit design, robotics, TCP/IP networking, RF communication, software development and web design. We welcome anyone with a curious mind and advocate the open participation model. Anyone is welcome to participate on any project at any level of involvement. We have no leaders and no rules. Sometimes we finish what we start and sometimes we don’t. More importantly, we don’t stress out about it because, well, we’re slackers and we don’t like impositions or constraints! Our philosophy is this — never stop coding, never stop soldering, never stop reading, never stop hacking and always show respect. We consider words like budget, deadline, schedule and requirement to be vulgar terms that should remain in the world of business where they are sometimes appropriate. We’re not looking for money or external validation. We do this for the joy of learning and creating. From time to time we’ll meet up somewhere for an afternoon of pizza and hacking so if you’re near the Springfield Missouri area and enjoy technology, feel free to contact us for more information on current projects, upcoming activities or getting involved.