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Jetpack and CloudFlare

As some of you may have noticed, we are now publishing all of our content to several social media platforms thanks to the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. This is perhaps the single most valuable plug-in I’ve seen offering features such as free CDN for images, brute force attack protection, single sign on, downtime monitoring and notification, site stats and analytics, social media integration, automatic plug-in updating and much more.

Additionally, we’ve migrated our DNS provider from Arvixe to CloudFlare thanks to a tip from Mike at PowerShellStation. CloudFlare is a reverse proxy that offers a host of free network services like DNS, firewall, globally distributed caching and SSL.

Both CloudFlare and Jetpack have enterprise options that you can purchase (like data backups and 100% uptime guarantee for example), but what they offer for free is truly amazing and incredibly easy to configure.

The Saga of Lucimia and Other Updates

Saga-of-Lucimia-LogoAfter about a year of inactivity, I believe a (quick) update is in order. First and foremost, my daughter was born at 10:59am on October 25, 2014. As you might imagine, this shifted my priorities somewhat (a lot) and much of my time in 2015 has been dedicated to my family. Aside from that, I took a part-time contractor position at Stormhaven Studios, a newly formed gaming company producing the MMORPG The Saga of Lucimia with the Unity 3d game engine. It has truly been an honor to work with such a cool team and I have learned a lot. The game is currently in alpha testing and is scheduled to be released around January 2017. I will continue to post developments related to this project as they occur so stay posted.

Finally, you may have noticed that Section9 has finally obtained a “proper” top level domain name. We were very excited to discover that was available and quickly snatched it up. We feel that this domain name captures our ideal of a cyber-community focused on the imaginative use of technology and a physical space to collaborate.

Movie Poster Magnets

We are proud to announce a partnership with, the best online resource for stylish magnets of your favorite classic movie posters! They offer a selection of over 600 movie poster magnets, bargain pricing, regular discounts and free shipping. The wonderful folks who run the store have selected Section9 as their primary technical services and support provider and we are very happy to be able to work with them. Please feel free to browse their catalog and perhaps purchase your very own classic movie poster magnet!

Update 2015/12/24 – has been retired.

Activity Update

First, I apologize for the lack of updates of late. Hacking, for most of us, is a spare-time activity, and I am no exception. If I recall I left off, more or less, around the first of the year with PocketWatch at an alpha version. It works, but there are a few bugs and missing features. Since then I got married, changed jobs and remodeled the house. Now I’m back! I’m not sure if I will put much more effort into PocketWatch. I’d like to but other interesting projects await. Stay posted for info on a BeagleBone Black / ROS quad-copter project lead by Boogieman. In the meantime, check out this video of the T.E.A.L., a robot built by students from my high school for the annual BEST robotics competition. They’ve done a great job! Can’t wait till they finish the claw!! 🙂

New Hosting

In an effort to save money and consolidate resources, Section9 has moved to a new hosting provider. Thanks very much to Boogieman for donating the server space and bandwidth and for facilitating the transition. This was our first WordPress site migration and I am happy to admit that it went more smoothly than I expected. (I am a pessimist when it comes to things like this.) We did run into a few glitches along the way which resulted in about an hour or so of downtime and some temporary data corruption (for which we apologize), but we are now back in action and more streamlined than ever.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned with anyone else who might be interested in moving their WordPress site to a new server so stay posted for a quick write up of our experiences.

Also, we’ve been busy writing a new Android personal security app called PocketWatch. This has turned out to be quite a lot of fun and we’ve decided to feature it in our projects section so stay posted for full documentation, commentary and source code.

Thanks again for your support and keep hacking!

10k Visitors!

As of sometime this weekend, Section9 has officially served 10,000 visitors since going live 16 months ago on May 1, 2012. Thanks very much to all of our viewers and readers! We hope that you find our content useful and engaging. As always, we welcome feedback so please feel free to let us know how we can improve. We have many exciting plans for the upcoming year so stayed tuned for more announcements and keep hacking!

Theme Change

Section9 is proud to announce that we have converted to the Piano Black theme after struggling with several compatibility issues with Simple Dark. Although we will miss the very cool Ajax features of Simple Dark, we are very pleased with the clean visuals of Piano Black and the ease in which we were able to adapt it to our needs. Hope you like it too!

That’s all for now, hackers! Back to learning Android.

RIP Section9 v1.0

Section9 is proud to announce that the original Joomla website (s9v1) has finally achieved the retirement goal of 1k front page hits and will now be vacationing permanently in the shire. Rest in peace s9v1, you have earned your reward. Needless to say, s9v1 did not achieve this goal ahead of the current WordPress site which is now approximately 400 hits in the lead. Thanks to all who have supported us. We appreciate it more than you know. Please take a moment to review the results of s9v1’s final contribution to the world of hacking.

*Note – This poll may have been hacked.

Final Statistics:

  • Total Visits: 1003 from 35 countries
  • Max Daily Visits: 11
  • Max Monthly Visits: 84


The Race Is On

As of today, the original Section9** Joomla website has amassed 911 front page visits despite a sudden bout of non-fatal php errors. Following in hot pursuit is the sleek and efficient WordPress Section9 website with 900 visits. Who will be the first to hit 1000 and when? It all depends on you, our beloved readers, but if you want to know, I’m rooting for the old crippled underdog**. Let’s help our old friend** make it to 1000 where a shallow grave dignified retirement awaits!

And while you’re there, why not cast a vote in the What Hacker Type Are You** poll? You may never get another chance to voice your opinion.

** EDIT – Broken links to Section9-v1 removed.

Site Update

Section9 is proud to announce that after evaluating several options we have selected the All in One SEO Pack plugin for use on the site. We strongly considered the Platinum SEO Pack but felt that AIOSEOP was a little more coherently developed. Of course, the ~8 million downloads was also somewhat convincing.

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