It’s Alive!

After endless discussions over lunch and countless late nights welding, grinding, screaming…it finally lives!  Way to go Nero!

Sneak Peak

The mowbot (aka Project Mojave) made it’s debut appearance recently.  Take a look at the following pics for a sneak peak.  More to come…

In the News…

Portable nuclear batteries on the horizon!

Researchers have demonstrated a penny-sized “nuclear battery” that produces energy from the decay of radioisotopes.

Hacking in Action

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures related to our various hacking activities. Nothing of real significance, but preserved for posterity nonetheless.

Proof of Concept

So I got a text from my buddy Chris just before labor day weekend.  Wanna help me build a 12 foot sailboat, he asked.  Hell ya, I said.  When I got over there he explained what he was doing.  He used Autocad to draft the model and printed out panel templates.  For the panels themselves he used ABS plastic.  To cut the panels to size, he just scored them with a utility knife at the appropriate dimensions and then broke them along those lines using plyers.  ABS plastic dissolves in Acetone so to bond (or weld) the panels, he whipped up a solution of Acetone and scrap ABS plastic.  The rest was just gluing the the hell out of it.  Check out the progress so far!

Chris, you rock!

New Member

I am pleased to announce that Я¤ŁαиĐ has joined us.  Welcome aboard gunslinger!

Some History…

Few people realize how much of our society hinges upon the concept of a single and seemingly insignificant device — the transistor.  Without a doubt, the invention of this device has revolutionized the world as we know it.  Check out the following short article for a great read on the history of the transistor.


New Member

Welcome to ghΩst, our first and newest member!

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